War Diary – The Diary of Mike Rogers

Interested in WW2?

War Diary: The Diary of Mike Rogers provides a daily look at the events during WW2, through the eyes of a 13-year old boy. Starting in September 1939, read as Mike lives through the Battle of Britain, the Dunkirk Evacuations, and many Military actions across Europe, Africa and the Far East culminating in reflections of a bygone age. Available to purchase on Amazon now!

What People Say

“A truly remarkable book.”


“One of the most moving personal documents to come out of World War II.”


Many moments of history

Learn about daily life during WW2; the ups, the downs, and read what it was really like during those war-time years. Available now!

US and British Co-operation

See the USA join WW2 after Pearl Harbour

Battle of Britain

Feel the emotive power of War

D-Day and the push for Berlin

Indulge in the final days of War, and the strength of optimism and purpose

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